Skin ritual

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We love the feeling when someone takes care of us. Quality cosmetics are the icing on the cake of the whole procedure. We at SMYSSLY believe that the care we give to ourselves is just as valuable. It's a great way to slow down even more, focus on yourself and deepen your relationship with your own body.

We offer a package composed of extra skin care products.


Clamp the headband so that your hair does not fall into your face. Apply the mask in a thicker layer on cleansed skin. The mask is 100% natural, contains extracts of licorice, hibiscus and rice bran to reduce pigment spots, as well as a softening extract of Chinese camellia and bergamot extract containing antioxidant vitamin C. Use a wooden gua-sha plate for facial massage and detoxification. At the same time, it helps to better absorb the active substances from the mask. Perform the massage for 5-10 minutes and then let the mask work for another 10-20 minutes. Dampen the cotton towel in warm water (not hot) and wipe off the remnants of the mask with it.

** Products in the package ... **

Brightening nourishing mask - for deep nourishment and brightening of the skin, helps with the reduction of pigment spots Wooden gua-sha - to detoxify the face and strengthen contours Cotton terry headdress - perfect for taming hair during the ritual Cotton terry towel - fine fiber does not irritate the skin Handmade box made of felt and leather

** SMYSSLY about the product **

“The towel and headband are made of pure cotton and linen. They are made for us by a lady from Slovakia, who started their production after she lost her job during the coronavirus crisis. These are things made with love and respect for nature, which perfectly reflects the philosophy of the SMYSSLY brand. "

Price (VAT incl.):

2690,- CZK
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