Body ritual

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We love the feeling when someone takes care of us. Quality cosmetics are the icing on the cake of the whole procedure. We at SMYSSLY believe that the care we give ourselves is just as valuable. It's a great way to slow down even more, focus on yourself and deepen your relationship with your own body.

We offer a package composed of products for perfect body skin care.


Wash your body with coffee soap. Its finely ground coffee beans effectively remove dead skin cells, making the skin smoother and more radiant. Thoroughly wash off all dirt and soap residue with a sea sponge. The sponge, originating from the Croatian island of Krapanj, is natural and untreated with chemical bleaches. Immediately after the bath / shower, when the skin is moist, massage pearl oil into it. Thanks to ground pearls, the skin glows and unifies its tone. Use a wooden gua-sha plate for the massage. Guide the strokes from the limbs upwards to the heart. This procedure supports the flow of lymph, acts against the orange skin, strengthens the skin and relieves tension. It is important that the plate slides easily on the skin to avoid unnecessary stretching of the skin tissues. Therefore, apply a sufficient amount of oil.

** Products in the package ... **

Coffee soap with caffeine - for exfoliation of dead cells and blood circulation to the skin Pearl oil for the body - for perfect hydration of the skin and its radiance Wooden gua-sha - for detoxification and body massage Sea sponge - for gentle washing of the skin Handmade box made of felt and leather

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