Body Ritual

Make the big SMYSSLY gift box really happy. The package is packed in a sturdy paper box, so you can go straight under the tree with it. It contains body care products that will make the skin beautifully soft and fragrant.

Products in the package



Caffeine and small coffee beans stimulate the skin and help the blood to circulate. It is such a great helper in the fight against cellulite. The contained honey then takes care of revitalizing and nourishing the skin. Soap smells like coffee and almonds.



Treat yourself to silky smooth skin with our regenerating oil. It is easy to spread, absorbs well and penetrates deep into the skin. Thanks to a mixture of precious oils, the skin remains nourished and silk gives it softness and elasticity. You would feel a delicate scent of bamboo on your skin.

More about the product

The regenerating body oil, which is easy to apply and is easily absorbed, penetrates deep into the skin and leaves it velvety soft, supple and thoroughly hydrated. Rare oils, macadamia and almond, deeply regenerate and hydrate the skin. Hydrolyzed silk adds softness and velvety soft skin. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant. Protects against the negative effects of free radicals and accelerates regeneration. The oil is suitable for daily skin care.


Gua-sha plates are created for a gentle massage of your skin. Their origins can be found in the techniques of old Chinese medicine. The beauty of the plates lies not only in their aesthetics and simplicity, but also in their easy use and results. They can perfectly detoxify the skin and the acacia from which gua-sha is made helps to regenerate the skin. The plates can also remove any unevenness on your skin. They help relax sore muscles in the neck, shoulders, back or legs. You can also get rid of blocks with a regular massage. Gua-sha gets excess tension from your body from prolonged standing, sports or other physical activity.

More about the product

Gua-sha helps to stimulate blood circulation and lymph, thus releasing any swelling of the lymph nodes. Thanks to faster blood circulation, more oxygen is delivered to the cells. The platelets support microcirculation, so that body fluids get into even the smallest blood vessels. Massage as such has very beneficial effects in relaxing muscles and reducing tension. The shape of the plates is designed to best adapt to the shape of your skin and thus gently relieves you of any unpleasant tension anywhere on your body.


Extra soft towel made of bamboo cotton, size 140 x 70 cm.


Medium-hard body brush, intended for dry massages before showering. It stimulates blood circulation, supports the proper functioning of the lymph and helps the body get rid of toxins. At the same time, it removes dead cells, thereby helping the absorption of active ingredients from the body oil. In addition, it leaves the skin velvety smooth.

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2390,- CZK
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