Focus on the composition - active ingredients in SMYSSLY cosmetics

Let's introduce the main active ingredients that we work with in our products. You will find some across our product portfolio, others exclusively in a tailor-made product for the given active ingredient.

Preparing the perfect serum, cream and other types of self-care cosmetic products requires time, patience and deep knowledge in skin care. It's chemistry, and a bit of alchemy, where the proportions of all the components play a key role so that they fit together perfectly and strengthen each other in order to deliver the skin as much benefits as possible.

What rare raw materials and ingredients do we work with the most, what are their benefits and in which products can you find them?

** Ground pearls **

The secret of the beautiful skin of Japanese pearl hunters.

This component is widely used in Asia, especially in Japan, where the benefits of ground pearls have been known for centuries. Pearl dust (ie finely crushed pearls) is mainly used to prevent the formation of wrinkles and pigment spots. Ground pearls also act as a great gentle exfoliator - they remove dead skin cells, they can "polish" and brighten the skin. And they can do so much more - they are also:

  • antibacterial,
  • balancing skin tone,
  • moisturizing,
  • harmonizing,
  • soothing,
  • refreshing.

In addition, they fight dirt, protect the skin from external adverse effects, they can retain moisture and reduce sebum. Wondering how an "ordinary" pearl can do so much? At the beginning it is probably good to say that there is nothing common about natural pearls (ie those that are not grown artificially) - from their appearance to their properties in relation to what natural pearls are made of: they contain up to 20 types of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other trace elements such as selenium, zinc, lithium, magnesium, iron, iodine or phosphorus. All this forms a cocktail, which brings so much to the skin. This is why we have included it among our active ingredients.

Pearl nourishing cream

Pearl oil for the body

** Fresh skin thanks to hydrolyzed silk **

Liquid silk is obtained from real silk fibers by a process called controlled hydrolysis. The basis from which the so-called liquid silk is obtained is the main building block of silk - protein fibroin. It contains polypeptides, peptides and free amino acids that help retain moisture in the skin. What are the other benefits of liquid silk?

  • strong moisturizing effects;
  • it creates a moisturizing protective barrier, which manages to regulate the adverse external effects of the environment on the skin;
  • is antibacterial;
  • brightens;
  • renews cells and tones the skin;
  • intense regenerative abilities

Silk moisturizing cream

Silk body oil

** Secrets of seaweed **

Seaweed is inflected not only in cosmetic care, but also in the diet. Their benefits are incredibly versatile, which is why we decided to give them a special place in our products. When it comes to seaweed, nature did not really save the beneficial effects! Seaweed is a natural source of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other trace elements, which guarantee a really broad-spectrum effect on the skin. Seaweeds are:

  • antioxidant (can slow down the signs of skin aging);
  • gently exfoliating (rids the skin of dead skin cells);
  • Great for improving the texture and elasticity of the skin.

Silk moisturizing cream

Revitalizing micellar water

** Acid like no other - we emphasize quality and functionality **

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin, but with age its amount and production decreases. As a result, our skin gradually weakens, because hyaluronic acid is essential for retaining the necessary moisture in the skin and for the formation of collagen. Sodium hyaluronate is the substance that has the highest absorption capacity even at relatively the lowest humidity and can absorb up to a thousand times its own weight. Sodium hyaluronate molecules are of various types and sizes, and an effective combination of these molecules, which we offer in SMYSSLY sera, is ideal for skin care.

Its external application then helps us to balance the moisture of the skin - summed up and underlined, it is a key element in our skin care, because hydration is the absolute basis!

  • visibly strengthens the skin;
  • fills in wrinkles;
  • is suitable for all skin types, including acne, oily, sensitive or eczematous skin.

It is the absolute cornerstone of further skin care, as it allows other substances to work better and more effectively. Therefore, we recommend our acid sera as a first step before applying, for example, gold serum or retinol oil serum and also before applying the cream.

Hydrated skin ages much more slowly, so we should not forget about the neck and décolleté!

Thanks to its fundamental effect on hydration, hyaluronic acid is also suitable for skin care - stretch marks or cellulite.

Intensive serum hyaluronic acid 1%

Intensive serum hyaluronic acid 4%

Silk moisturizing cream

Anti-wrinkle care

** Pearls for perfect skin **

The mysterious ubiquinone is Coenzyme Q10!

Coenzyme Q10 has been used in the cosmetics industry for a long time. It is a compound that is commonly found in the human body and is similar to vitamins. It can also be found on the labels under the name ubiquinone (or ubiquinone or ubidecarenone) and it is an orange crystalline powder with unique functions. Thanks to its color, it is easy to know, for example, in the cream, how much it really contains - just as the composition on the box tells us. The cream, which contains a more significant amount of this substance (and is therefore more effective), will never be pure white, but rather yellowish (precisely because pure Q10 is a bright orange color). Why did this substance gain in popularity and why did we in SMYSSLY choose it for our products?

  • protects cell membranes from free radicals;
  • activates cellular metabolism;
  • is strongly antioxidant and prevents the onset of skin aging;
  • alleviates the negative effects of sunlight.

These properties make it a very suitable ingredient, especially for more mature skin.

Pearl nourishing cream

Retinol oil serum

** Protects the skin as a shield **

"Solashield" is a marine polysaccharide that can protect the skin and acts as a protective shield and physical, immediate protection against the pollution we commonly encounter in the air. Solashield takes the form of tiny pearls that are effective in combating atmospheric pollution, but can also protect against the effects of household chemicals, cigarette smoke, or UV and blue radiation from screens. How does it work? The active ingredient acts as a sensory matrix that allows you to chemically and physically capture impurities of various types and also hydrate and soften the skin.

Pearls for perfect skin

** Gold has anti-aging superpower **

Twenty-four-carat gold is perhaps an unexpected component in skin care. However, the component is very effective! Gold can significantly improve the appearance and firmness of the skin. According to an independent Swiss institute, which tests the effect of various active ingredients on the skin, the following results were found after 4 and 8 weeks of application of 24 carat gold on healthy skin:

  • skin firmness increased (by 13%);
  • on the contrary, the scalyness of the skin decreased (by 29%);
  • increased skin smoothness (by 14%);
  • there was a reduction in pigmentation and dark circles (by 13%);
  • the melanin index decreased (by 21%).

Brightening serum with gold

** Natural mix that helps with hyperpigmentation **

At SMYSSLY, we also focused on hyperpigmentation and overall skin lightening. And purely naturally. That's why we chose the patented Bright oléoactif component. It is an extract of three plants: rice bran, licorice and marshmallow (popularly known as hibiscus). This effective mix can naturally whiten and brighten the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation or cope with dark circles under the eyes. In addition, the eye area is gently protected during sunbathing and has an anti-aging effect.

Brightening serum with gold

Brightening mask

Comprehensive eye care

** A sugar cane extract that can work wonders! **

Squalan (or squalane) is a natural dry oil. It can be of animal (formerly obtained from shark liver) or vegetable origin. The one we use in SMYSSLY cosmetics is vegetable and comes from sugar cane. Its main benefit is that it is perfectly and quickly absorbes and does not leave the skin oily. Its main benefits are:

  • is rapidly absorbed;
  • hydrates and maintains moisture in the skin;
  • strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier;
  • supports cell renewal;
  • improves the appearance of fine wrinkles and pigment spots;
  • soothes the skin after sunbathing;
  • helps skin stay supple and clear;
  • suitable for all skin types.

Brightening serum with gold

Brightening mask

Comprehensive eye care

Nourishing lip balm